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Ken Chow is the founder and designer for Krane. He holds an associates degree in menswear design from New York’s FIT, which fine-tuned his skills in tailoring and American sportswear.

Prior to starting Krane, Ken won an opportunity to show his youthful vision of menswear with GenArt in their International Styles Competition. He has also had the pleasure of interning with such influential designers as Marc Jacobs and Cloak (Robert Geller, Alexander Plokhov).

Ken brings his visual art background into the fashion industry with Krane. As a young child, he was encouraged to pursue his gift of drawing, which he honed by entering Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day poster design contests. This sparked an interest in a militarist aesthetic, a recurring theme that he likes to work with.

Ken currently resides in Toronto, Canada, a city rich and diverse in music, art, architecture, youth and street culture.

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